The Board of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) would like to announce the revocation of one television station and suspension of twelve radio stations.

The public may wish to know that the stations had been written to concerning their non-compliance, particularly failure to pay licence fees and in the case of the television station, failure to broadcast as well.

The affected stations were given an opportunity to be heard in line with the provisions of Section 29 (7) of the IBA Act of 2010 which provides: “The Board shall, before cancelling or suspending a broadcasting licence under this section, give the broadcasting licensee an opportunity to be heard”. These Hearings were held on different dates in June and July of 2017. Following the hearings, the stations were given a 60 day period in which to settle the fees. However, the affected stations, have not paid.

The public is being informed that the revocation and suspensions are in line with the Independent Broadcasting Authority Amendment Act No. 26 of 2010, which in Section 22 (4) provides: “A broadcasting licensee shall pay such annual fee for the broadcasting licence as may be determined by the Board”. In addition, Section 29 (1) ( i ) provides that the Authority may cancel or suspend a licence where “The broadcasting licensee has failed, inspite of written notice, to comply with the conditions of the broadcasting licence”.

Further, Section 29 (2) provides: “Where a broadcasting licensee does not comply with this Act or with the conditions of the broadcasting licence, the Authority shall notify the broadcasting licensee of the measures that the broadcasting licensee should undertake, within a specified period, to comply with the conditions of the Act or the broadcasting licence”.

In addition, Section 29 (3) provides: “The Authority shall, where a broadcasting licensee fails to comply with a notice issued under subsection (2), within a specified period of time, suspend the broadcasting licence for a specified period of time or cancel the broadcasting licence.

The IBA Board has, after writing the erring stations, conducting Hearings and giving grace period, revoked one television licence on the Copperbelt and suspended two radio licences on the Copperbelt, one in North-western, one in Eastern, one in Western, one in Muchinga, three in Southern and four in Lusaka provinces. The suspensions are for a period of 14 days, failure to which the matter will be escalated.

The affected stations are:

1Copperbelt TelevisionNdolaCopperbelt
2Jive FMNdolaCopperbelt
3Ngoma RadioLuanshyaCopperbelt
4Mwinilunga RadioMwinilungaNorth-western
5Valley FMNyimbaEastern
6Luanginga RadioKalaboWestern
7Kwenje RadioChamaMuchinga
8Vision MachaChomaSouthern
9Kariba FMSiavongaSouthern
10Young GenerationChomaSouthern
11Live FMLusakaLusaka
12Ama RadioLusakaLusaka
13Pan AfricanLusakaLusaka
14Comet 10LusakaLusaka

We wish to remind broadcasting stations that non-compliance to any of the licencing conditions, including non-payment or late payment of fees, is a serious offence. All licence fees fall due on 31st December and are paid for the year in advance. In this regard, we wish to caution ALL licensees that have not yet settled their 2018 fees to do so in the next seven days.

As always, we wish to take this opportunity to remind ALL stations about the need to practice journalism that strives to strike a balance between press freedom and responsibility.


The press release is downloadable at: Press Release – May 2018 Document .