Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of issues can I complain against?

You can base your complaints on a breach of the following minimum requirements of the Code of Professional Standards.
1. Respect for the human dignity and human rights and freedoms, and contribution to the tolerance of different opinions and beliefs
2. Comprehensive, unbiased and independent news broadcast and current affairs programmes with commentary clearly distinguished from news
3. Observance of procedures for correcting factual errors and redressing unfairness
4. Observance of the principle of the right to reply
5. Protection of the integrity of minors by clearly classifying and distributing programmes that could endanger the development of a child in a way with the least possibility for a child to use it
6. Clear separation of advertisements from other programme outputs.

Who can I complain against?

You can complain against any radio or television station that has aired anything that, in your view, has breached the broadcasting ethical standards.

What is the time frame within which I can make a complaint?

You can make a complaint within three months of the broadcast, failure to which the IBA cannot process your complaint. Radio and television stations are mandated by law to store information for up to three months.

Who should my complaint be addressed to

You can address your complaint to:

The Director General
Independent Broadcasting Authority
Mass Media Complex
Alick Nkhata Road
P.O. Box 32475

  • +260 211 250 589