Careers in IBA

The Independent Broadcasting Authority was operationalized in July, 2013. When IBA was formed, its management visualised an Authority where a team of self-motivated professionals would strive towards a common vision: To provide effective and efficient regulation that ensures a pluralistic, diverse and ethical broadcasting industry in Zambia. The environment at IBA is such that employees can learn and grow, personally and professionally, it is a place where they can be successful and work with passion and conviction.

IBA has a highly self-motivated and ambitious workforce who value career development. Management therefore, keeps its employees continuously stimulated taking into consideration their ambitions and provides short term training that allows employees opportunities to develop their careers. Our people are our most valuable asset and are taken care of as such.

IBA looks for people with bright minds and the drive to make a difference to do things differently, smarter, and better. The members of staff are closely knit and this provides a comfortable environment at the place of work. The Director General is so youthful and humorous, yet particular when it comes to work deadlines. This enables employees to be relaxed in her presence and able to express themselves freely within the organisation while being able to meet work deadlines without fail.

Why work for IBA

Our members of staff enjoy a working environment where there is good rapport with management. The IBA management focuses on what is fair and just, while pushing for performance. We identify talent and capitalise on particular talents.


  • Reputation

    Working for us gives you good reputation because we are a reputable institution

  • Development

    We provide an enabling environment that help our employees to apply their skills, learn and grow, personally and professionally

  • Timely Career Growth

    We help grow your skills to best develop your career