The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is inviting applications for the three (03) positions namely the Assistant Internal Auditor, and two (2) positions of Purchasing and Supplies Officer, the details for each position is given below:


Job Title: Assistant Internal Auditor (IBA 07) 

Qualifications / Experience

  • Grade 12 Certificate with five credits or better, including Mathematics and English
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy.
  • Full ACCA/ CIMA or equivalent is an added advantage.
  • 3 years’ experience in dealing with audits.
  • Member of ZICA and any other recognised organisation.
  • Sound knowledge and skill in audit related computer software.
  • Sound knowledge of PFMA 2018 and Internal Audit Standards.
  • Aged between 25 – 40 years.

Main duties: (Principal Accountabilities)

  • To maintain timely preparation and submission of Internal Audit report findings for efficient decision making.
  • To undertake timely implementation of Audit Work Plans and programmes in order to ensure adherence to Internal controls.
  • To provide to the Board of Directors and Senior Management an opinion on the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the internal controls in the organisation.
  • To prepare and review the Standard Audit Procedures manual for guiding Internal Audit staff in the conduct of audit assignments.
  • To prepare the Annual audit plan, involving the assignment of risk factors to auditable units and then prepare a risk matrix that will rank risks according to security, with the aim to prioritise audit assignments for the auditable units in the audit plan.
  • To carry out Audit Inspections of Radio and Television stations and report all Audit findings to management.
  • To determine the audit strategy of the Authority after obtaining more knowledge about the auditable units of the organisation and understanding their systems and risk profiles, determining the audit strategy or other audit strategies that may be deemed necessary.
  • To discuss audit findings and recommendations with Directors and line Managers. Later report significant issues to Senior Management and Board of Directors.
  • To send out Audit reports to the respective Heads of Departments after review process and obtain responses to audit findings. Follow up of audit recommendations after a prescribed period has lapsed to verify whether the recommendations have been implemented.
  • To assess recommendations made to remedy any problems identified in the audit findings.
  • To prepare the quarterly report for each unit and a Board paper for presentation to the Board of Directors.
  • To ensure that Internal Audit as a unit is involved in the annual inventory count by observing the stock count procedures before, during and after the stock count.
  • To carry out assignments of an investigative nature when called upon and provide advice on the management of risk, in collaboration with Legal Counsel whenever necessary.
  • To prepare financial requirements and annual budget for the Unit.
  • To undertake any other duties assigned to the officer which are job related.

           Reporting to:  Internal Auditor  



Job Title: Purchasing and Supplies Officer (2 Positions) (IBA/07)

Qualification /Experience

  • Grade 12 certificate with five credits or better, including Mathematics and English.
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Purchasing and Supply.
  • Member of Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply (ZIPS).
  • Sound knowledge of computer software including skill in designing.
  • Aged between 25 – 35 years.

Main Duties (Principal Accountabilities)

  • Undertake timely procurement of appropriate goods and services in order to maintain regular supply.
  • Ensure valve for money on all orders by undertaking timely processing of contract documents and their execution.
  • Ensure effective preparation of bidding documents in order to promote transparency in tender procedures in conformity with laid down procedures.
  • Undertake timely the supply of goods in order to meet end user requirements.
  • Undertake effectively the preparation of procurement requisitions in order to ensure the maintenance of stocks of essential goods.
  • Prepare draft Contracts for review by the Supervisor and the Legal Counsel to ensure that the Contracts adequately reflect the interests of the Authority.
  • Surveys the market for prices and delivery conditions and recommends suppliers for evaluation and registration as approved suppliers. Maintain a data base of approved suppliers for non-tender based procurement.
  • Maintain a database of suppliers /contractors.
  • Manage the reception of tenders according to tender procedures and Authority’s policy.
  • Prepare evaluation templates that will ensure the objective evaluation of bids on the basis of price quality and delivery as per Company procurement policy.
  • Maintain records of suppliers and their delivery and quality performance and reports supplier’s performance to aid decision making.
  • Implement the Authority’s process for vendor management, including resolving problems between suppliers and client departments, effecting penalties in case of breach and termination of contracts as authorized.
  • Prepare accurate routine procurement and special reports required by the supervisor.
  • Conduct periodic stock taking of all inventory items to reconcile records with physical count.
  • Keep safe all items ordered on direct use until such items are issued and /or delivered to end -user to ensure that they are not tempered with, mislaid or stolen.
  • Maintain inventory by conducting monthly physical counts; reconciling variances; inputting data Production of periodic stores reports.
  • Manage all stores operations by ensuring that all supplies are correctly handled and recorded, including receiving, locating and issuing.
  • Provide advice on stock levels and identify problem areas such as stock outs and low stock.
  • Keep records of all received and issued (materials on direct use) items for reference purposes. Updating stores records accordingly and preparing stock taking on quarterly basis. Keeping accurate records of stock and ordering stocks of items indicating low levels.
  • Ensure that stock requisitions are properly signed and raise purchase order and requisition from central stores.
  • To undertake any other duties assigned to the Officer which are job related.

Reporting to: Head Procurement and Supplies



 All applicants for the three (3) positions advertised above will be required to have the listed below attributes:

  • Ability to work in an environment that practices open door policy.
  • Ability to work with licensees objectively without being personal.
  • Ability to solve problems in an innovative manner.
  • Ability to handle confidential matters.
  • Ability to follow protocol in the office and in the field when carrying out monitoring and inspections.
  • Ability to dress formally on all working days unless advised otherwise.
  • Ability to handle regulation matters from an economic point of view.
  • Ability to handle all office work transparently.
  • Self-driven in carrying out official tasks.
  • Good planning and implementation/execution of the agreed strategies.

Please note that the persons desiring to fill any of the three (3) positions should be self-motivated individuals able to apply relevant skills and exercise professional judgement in carrying out their roles relating to the job title.

Three traceable references will be required. (The referees MUST have no political affiliation).

The grade twelve (12) certificate MUST be certified by Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) ONLY.


Mark your application envelope with the position being applied for, for example “Purchasing and Supplies Officer”.


The closing date for this advert is 4th April, 2023.

NOTE: Full Job listing can be downloaded from


Applications should be addressed to:

The Director General
The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA)

Mass Media Complex
Alick Nkhata Road
P. O. Box 32475